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Pat Moore Foundation Reviews & Testimonials

Occasionally we are asked by potential clients to provide references. We’ve found that a short statement from prior clients will often suffice in proving our credibility and allows us to avoid asking for permission to share your name and telephone number. If you’d like, please take a few moments and make a comment here. We won’t share your personal information of course, but would love to share your experience. What do you think? Would you like to help us?

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Testimonial: My Daughter Found Her Community

We at Pat Moore Foundation began what I like to call the “Testimonials Campaign.” When we first started talking about doing something like this I, Recovery Rob, thought it a bit brazen. I thought you shouldn’t ask for a kind word from clients who graduated through our treatment program, or even loved ones who have seen the positive changes. But then I thought, why shouldn’t you ask? We certainly continue to help many people help themselves in finding the clean and sober road.

Testimonial: Terry, a Graduate

Terry – Past Client

“The Pat Moore Foundation is truly a top rate facility. The staff and counselors are both positive and supportive. The living areas are clean and remind me of a mountain cabin retreat. Also, the meals are all home cooked and healthy. All in all, an extremely conducive setting to provide individuals beginning the path of recovery, build a firm foundation.”

Testimonial: Tracy, a Graduate

Tracy – Graduate

I am 36 years old and started drinking and using at the age of 13. My drug addiction progressed rapidly when I was 26 years old. My mother died of alcohol related problems, my brother committed suicide, and I lost a child at 8 months pregnant. It was then that I began using methamphetamines on a regular basis along with the vicodin that I had already been addicted to for several years.

Testimonial | A Mother’s Gratitude

To: Pat Moore Foundation Executive Staff

RE: Feedback from a Family Member

After my experience with family group last night, I felt compelled to express my feelings and thoughts. I am grateful that my son, Eric N, made the decision to return to your program for a second time. He has expressed that he feels connected and respected there. Thank you for that.