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Drug Abuse Treatment Programs and Resources

Addiction Blog explores developments in addiction and its treatment, especially related to substance abuse of alcohol, drugs, and prescription drugs.

Beach City Drug Rehab – A friend of Pat Moore Foundation, Beach City Drug Rehab is an assessment and place service for people seeking detox and treatment in Southern California.

Drug Rehab Center – At Promises, our mission is to provide a gateway to sobriety for you or a loved one and to aid in the achievement of lifetime dreams..

La Hacienda – Located in the Hill Country near Kerrville, Texas, La Hacienda has helped people addicted to alcohol and drugs for over 35 years. We refer treatment patients in Texas to La Hacienda.

Orange County Detox – Addiction recovery related resources from the Orange County Detox Resource Directory. – Use this community to find affordable sober living housing in Southern California.

Sun Rise Detox – A trusted drug and alcohol detox facility locaed in Lake Worth, Florida. We refer Florida detox clients to Sun Rise Detox. – An online resource for drug and alcohol recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery – A website dedicated to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Resources – Provides online resources for drug rehab, alcohol rehab and addiction recovery.

Drug Rehab Center HotlineA no cost service that helps those seeking help find the right treatment center for them. 

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Directory – Directory of affordable addiction detox centers, drug rehab programs, out-patient centers and sober living homes.

Health6 – Addiction & recovery resource directory

Great California – Find addiction & drug resources in California.

New Method Wellness – An addiction treatment center that focuses on Holistic healing. Also located in Orange County.

Recovery Connection – Another resource for insuring that you find the right treatment center for you.

Steppin’ Out Radio – The first twelve step meeting on air. Listen to others share their experiences with working the steps and sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Resources – Another online resource for addiction recovery

Treatment Options – assistance for people and businesses that are in the process of converting their property into a residential and outpatient treatment facility. From treatment certifications, to program development, to overall management and procedures.

American Health Journal – Listen to medical professionals share some of their knowledge on different Addiction topics. Including a video by our own Intake Coordinator Katy Alexander on Addiction Rehabilitation.

Helping Others Live Sober – A wealth of information of how helping helps the helper and related resources that support how to live clean.


Substance Abuse Interventions – Jeff Holbrook has been helping addicts begin their journey with sobriety for the last 23 years. With Jeff, all of his interventions are carefully planned family sessions that come from love; not confrontational emotional ambushes.

Family Intervention Now – Burr Cook of Family Intervention has more than 17 years of experience as a nurse and more than 9 years of experience doing interventions. aBurr is a Certified Alcoholism and Other Drug Recovery Specialist (CAS) and BRN/1 Board Registered Interventionist recognized by the Association of Intervention Specialist Credentialing Board. He knows first-hand what intervention and addiction are all about.

Taylor Interventions – Dallas Taylor is a L.A. based and board certified interventionist and in his former life he was a drummer for Crosby, Stills and Nash. Since reaching his own sobriety in 1984 Taylor has been assisting families in planning constructive interventions designed for getting addicts to treatment. 

Intervention Center – Resource for family interventions for your loved one.


Blogs of Note
Dryblog – Alcoholism, addiction, and recovery support resource links, quips, and quotes, updated one day at a time!

Guinevere Gets Sober – one of our favorite sober blogs. Guinevere is in recovery from prescription drug abuse and frequently blogs about working the steps.

The Junky’s Wife – An addiction blog from the perspective of a wife of a Heroin addict. Her posts reflect the gamut of emotional highs and lows that the loved ones of addicts face.

Recovery RobRead some great posts by our very own Recovery Rob. His years of sobriety and wealth of knowledge, and his witty humor is always a treat. 

Pat Moore Foundation Guest Blog – Read posts by popular Addictions Bloggers, Interventionists, and others on how they dealt with sobriety, how they stay clean and how to be supportive of an addict without being co-dependent.


Other Fun Sites – A community of sober musicians A community of people that are trying to find or maintain their sobriety.