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Executive Director – Jeff Holbrook

Jeff Holbrook is an Executive Director with Pat Moore Foundation. With more than twenty years of working in the field of addictions treatment, including individual and group addictions counseling, and managing and administering several outpatient programs for people with alcohol and other drug dependencies, Jeff also brings to Pat Moore Foundation his depth of knowledge in the field of alcohol and drug intervention.

Jeff comes to Pat Moore Foundation with certifications from boards and universities, including: the University at Utah Graduate School of Social Work, where he received an Alcohol/Drug Treatment Certificate; the Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselors, where he received a certification as an Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor; the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon, where he received a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor II; the Inter-national Reciprocity Consortium, where he received an International Certified Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor; and the International Interventionist Credentialing Board, where he is a Board Registered Interventionist II. Jeff is also a member of The Association of Intervention Specialists.

With a strong dedication to the field of addiction and recovery, Jeff and his wife, Terra, co-founded the Family Recovery Center in Idaho Falls, where he was the Executive Director.

“I’d come to a point in my life, a juncture if you will, when again I began to process my journey. I know I’ve done quite a bit within the field of recovery, and I needed to know what was next. As my wife, Terra, and I were discussing our future course, Phil Allen of Pat Moore Foundation called. I already knew a great deal about Phil and the work they continue accomplish. It’s a place where the treatment program skills are set up to really help people. We talked, and I have to believe that timing is everything. There are no coincidences in life.”