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Operations Director – Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen, is a Certified Addiction Specialist. Mrs. Allen has 25 years of experience in the field of recovery, and has worked alongside her husband Phil Allen, CEO of Pat Moore Foundation for over 10 years.

Mrs. Allen was the Program Director for the women’s program at Pat Moore Foundation for 6 years. In 2006, Pat Moore Foundation merged the men’s and women’s programs to the same campus and Mrs. Allen took on the roll of Operations Director for the entire program for the past 4 years. Mrs. Allen is a motivated teacher and mentor with exceptional skills and abilities in dealing with the issues that present themselves for people entering into treatment.

Her passion and strength are in nurturing and guiding others with her love, hope, and kindness into finding their path to recovery. In addition to these skills, Ms. Allen has been an amazing asset to the growth of Pat Moore Foundation