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Methadone Detox Treatment
Estimated one million people in the US with an addiction to opioids. Less than 20% receiving treatment. Fear of withdrawal stops most. Buprenorphine mitigates the pain and shortens treatment.

Painkiller Use Rising at Alarming Rate
More than 200,000 pounds of codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and meperidine were purchased at retail stores during 2005 – enough to give more than 300 milligrams of painkillers to every person in the coux`ntry.

Painkiller Addiction – When Drug Abuse Starts in the Home
Youth and elderly most suspectible to oxycontin and other prescription painkiller addictions. What to look for in family members at risk.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Can Spike During Stressful Holiday Season
Friends and family in alcohol, drug recovery programs most vulnerable. Know how to help yourself and others.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a set of symptoms that people have when they suddenly stop drinking after using alcohol for a long period of time.

Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Diagnosis and Treatment
For many people, the facts about alcoholism are not clear. What is alcoholism, exactly? How does it differ from alcohol abuse?

Approaches to Drug Addiction Treatment
Relapse prevention encompasses several cognitive-behavioral strategies that facilitate abstinence as well as provide help for people who experience relapse.

Cocaine and Crack Addiction Info
Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug of abuse. Once having tried cocaine, an individual cannot predict or control the extent to which he or she will continue to use the drug.

Common Roadblocks to Seeking Treatment
In 2002, about 6 million persons with illicit drug dependence or abuse did not receive specialty treatment for their illicit drug problem.

Heroin Treatment
Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its use is a serious problem in America.

How Many Times Does Someone Have To Take a Drug To Become an Addict?
No one knows how many times a person can use a drug without changing his or her brain and becoming addicted.

Substance Abuse: What It Is and How to Quit
Basically, people use substances such as alcohol and other drugs because they like the way these substances make them feel. Pleasure is a powerful force.