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Business Development Director – Babbi Anderson

Babbi Anderson is the Business Development Director for Pat Moore Foundation. Babbi has more than thirty years of experience working in the field of addiction treatment and recovery. This includes more than twenty-five as an independent consultant with Anderson Marketing, which she established in 1984. In addition to her breadth of alcohol and drug treatment knowledge, she brings to the table her personal experience of 42 years of sobriety.

Babbi, who had been the Business Development Director for Pat Moore Foundation until the start of2009, has recently lived abroad in China for couple years and then most recently Virginia. Although she was physically away from Costa Mesa, California, she continued to be strong advocate, consultant, and advisor to Pat Moore Foundation and their CEO, Phil Allen.

“I’m excited to come back to Pat Moore Foundation because they have an excellent addiction treatment center,” says Ms. Anderson. “They are competitive in price and have a distinguished reputation within the recovery and treatment community.”

As Business Development Director, Babbi will primarily focus on identifying business opportunities and managing client and community relationships.