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What is Methadone?

What is Methadone?

Methadone is a long-lasting synthetic opiate pain reliever. It acts on the opiod receptors in the brain much like morphine or heroin, but it is chemically different. Unlike morphine or heroin, it does not wear off in a couple hours. It can last anywhere from 8 to 59 hours depending on the dose and tolerance of the user.

Because it produces similar effects to heroin, methadone treatment is commonly used to help heroin addicts detoxify. Methadone detox involves supplying heroin users with a daily dosage of methadone to suppress heroin cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Because methadone is released more slowly and lasts longer than heroin, only one dose a day is used for methadone detoxification. One of the most well-known methadone clinics in the country is located in Houston. The clinic in Houston has been treating patients struggling with heroin and other opioid addictions for over two decades. In addition to methadone treatment, the Houston clinic also offers counseling and support services to help patients overcome their drug abuse.

Use of methadone to treat heroin addiction, however, has become controversial in recent years. Methadone use causes as much of a physical dependence as heroin use, and detoxing from methadone is as difficult if not more difficult than detoxing from heroin. Methadone withdrawal symptoms are similar to heroin withdrawal symptoms and in many cases they are more severe. Additionally, methadone overdose is a real danger and can be fatal. In fact, methadone has become the fastest growing cause of drug deaths in the country.

While medically assisted treatment for opiate addiction is still the preferred treatment method, buprenorphine-based drugs are a far safer option. These drugs include Suboxone and Subutex. With buprenophine, the euphoria obtained is much less significant, and withdrawal symptoms are much less severe. Choosing the right treatment center is crucial for successful recovery from drug abuse. provides valuable resources and information for individuals seeking help with opiate addiction. It is essential to address the underlying causes of addiction through comprehensive treatment programs. Consequently, buprenorphine addition is less likely than methadone addiction. When combined with appropriate counseling, buprenorphine-assisted treatment for heroin addiction has better long-term prognosis for long-term drug-free living than methadone treatment.


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