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Testimonial: My Daughter Found Her Community

We at Pat Moore Foundation began what I like to call the “Testimonials Campaign.” When we first started talking about doing something like this I, Recovery Rob, thought it a bit brazen. I thought you shouldn’t ask for a kind word from clients who graduated through our treatment program, or even loved ones who have seen the positive changes. But then I thought, why shouldn’t you ask? We certainly continue to help many people help themselves in finding the clean and sober road. We continue to help them help themselves to a new life, and so I think it’s perfectly fine we pass on such wonderful stories of hope and love.

After all that’s what Pat Moore Foundation is all about!

The first testimonial coming from this outreach is from a mother. Her name is Robin A. and this is what she has to say.

“For four years my daughter struggled with addiction to pain killers. She became a stranger to me. I went from fearful to angry to indifferent and back again. A therapist practically had to grab me by the neck to get it through to me that she needed help. She needed rehab. I didn’t think I could afford rehab. I was afraid of what it would be like for her. But like everything else, I’ve learned to take one step at a time and I sat down and looked at Pat Moore’s website with my daughter. We listened to the videos on there together. My daughter finally said the words, “I want to go Mom”. The first time she only stayed until she got detoxed. She couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend and had to get out. She thought she was cured. Two years later she realized she should have stayed longer. She tried to detox from Zanex by herself and had a seizure. That was the worst and the best thing that happened to her because it scared her to death and she wanted to go back to Pat Moore for 30 days. This time the program really sunk in to her. She found that the people at rehab had so much in common with her. She’d always been kind of a loaner all her life and at rehab she met people that understood her. She learned to be more honest and open about herself by watching other people open up. She learned tools for how to deal with life’s pressures. She learned that the past can be a strength when its embraced and learned from.

A great thing was that I as a parent got to go to weekly family meetings where I got to meet with other parents and a professional councilor. This kind of meeting was even better than an AlAnon meeting for me because of the freer interchange of questions and comments and the fact that a professional was there. I learned from other parents that had had success with their kids about how to think and what to do. I felt support and gained conviction. I know that sobriety is a day to day choice. I’m not attached to the idea that my daughter must never have a downfall again. But I do know how to deal with it when it happens. I know what will help her and what wont. I know that money is not the same as love. It is my duty to love my child but not to enable her. When I got determined, she did too. Pat Moore has been a great experience for us. I can’t afford multiple rehabs for my daughter, but I told her to soak up this one and I think she did. It was worth every penny that came out of my IRA. I’m not afraid to have spent that money. I know I did the right thing for my daughter and that my higher power will supply me with what I need in the future. For the first time in four years I have my daughter back. She is happy, productive, brave and humble and best of all, she has found her community and they are there for her. She is continuing to go to her meetings and stay on track. If you are a parent wondering if rehab will help your child, think no more. If they are ready and willing, they will learn. We as parents need to be humble and willing to be better too. If you do, you will grow too and everything will get better for everyone in the entire family!”