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Testimonial: Tracy, a Graduate

Tracy – Graduate

I am 36 years old and started drinking and using at the age of 13. My drug addiction progressed rapidly when I was 26 years old. My mother died of alcohol related problems, my brother committed suicide, and I lost a child at 8 months pregnant. It was then that I began using methamphetamines on a regular basis along with the vicodin that I had already been addicted to for several years.

In 1999 I went into treatment because my husband threatened to leave me and take full custody of our son. Since then I have made several attempts to get clean. It wasn’t until I lost everyone and everything that I finally surrendered. I found myself in jail with no money and no one to call. I was looking at 3 years in prison, and by the grace of God, I was given one last chance. My sentence was to do 90 days in jail and 6 months in treatment. Broken, hopeless, and alone, I called Phil Allen and he promised to save me a bed. I stayed at the Pat Moore Foundation for 6 months, and I have been clean and sober for over a year. I love the Pat Moore Foundation for saving my life.