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Testimonial | A Mother’s Gratitude

To: Pat Moore Foundation Executive Staff

RE: Feedback from a Family Member

After my experience with family group last night, I felt compelled to express my feelings and thoughts. I am grateful that my son, Eric N, made the decision to return to your program for a second time. He has expressed that he feels connected and respected there. Thank you for that. In Phil Allen’s video testimony, he expresses that “money is a factor in getting treatment and this foundation was started so that anyone can afford treatment.” You do live up to this value and think about the client’s wellbeing first and foremost.

I know that this week has been difficult for all the staff. Another one of your valued on your websites says, “Attending a long-term drug rehab center helps drug addicted individuals by removing them from their environment for a period of time with less distractions. We provide a safe place that is removed from the places where our clients drank and used drugs.” It would be easy to forget this value and focus on the money aspect of the business. Yet I know this week you put the safety of your clients first (over your financial concerns) by removing those clients who were not serious about recovery, thereby again living up to the value stated above. Thank you for that.

The family group experience was the best I have ever had. Jeff Holbrook helped family members feel comfortable, gave them opportunities to ask meaningful questions and allowed the group to give feedback. When there was silence, he helped ask questions and direct our thoughts to areas that encouraged recovery. I appreciated his experience as a recovering addict/alcoholic and Al Anon member. The meeting was orderly, focused on recovery and helpful new information. Everyone had an opportunity to participate.

In addition, the combined client/family meeting afterward was also wonderful. Everyone was interested in what Jeff had to say. Both clients and family members participated in answering questions, whether posed by Jeff, by clients, or by family members. I gained more insight into the clients than ever before. The atmosphere was controlled, thoughtful and respectful. I would even say the clients gained some understanding of what their family members go through. My suggestion would be to encourage this type of interaction. Sometimes giving information is good, but I think it needs to be updated, given in a fresh way.

I also want to compliment you on your staff. Everyone I have come into contact with has been full of life, joyful and respectful. This has a huge impact on recovery, both for clients and family members. It is a pleasure to be on your campus.

Thank you for caring for our family. This is a family disease and we love the opportunity to be involved. If there is ny small way I can help, please let me know.


Denise N.