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Testclear Powdered Human Urine Review

The definition of synthetic urine is anything with the qualities, features, and looks of urine. In most cases, such substances do not just resemble urine in appearance; they also contain the same chemical properties as urine. So, they have the content and smell of urine. Surfing the internet, you may encounter Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine reviews. This might make you start wondering why this product has become so popular. Are you wondering where to buy Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine?

Companies conduct many tests before hiring new staff today, and the urine drug test is one of them. In some court cases, there might be the need to conduct drug lab tests, and urine is also the substance for this. In sports, a drug test is an important exercise, and you can use the Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine to pass drug test.

There is a reason why many people are running away from synthetic urine to powdered urine. The powdered urine is dehydrated human urine. So, when you use it, you are using human urine. That saves you from the law banning the use of fake urine for alcohol and drug tests.

People use the powdered urine to;

  • Scale drug tests for employment
  • Get negative test results for sports organizations
  • Pass court-ordered drug tests
  • Set laboratory equipment for different purposes
  • Engage in water sports and sex plays without human urine with bad smells and bacteria
  • Appease concerned family members who ask for weed tests for your good

Many people are seeking the best type of synthetic urine to scale their tests, and it is imperative to let them understand the options in the market. That is why we are embarking on this Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine #Manufacturer_or_Brand_Name# review.

Essentials of Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine


You will be surprised when you hear about the use of synthetic urine products to pass urine drug test. That will make you ask, does Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine really work? It works because we are talking about real human urine in powdered form. It contains all the components of human urine, including;

  1. Potassium chloride
  2. Sodium chloride
  3. Urea
  4. Sodium phosphate
  5. Powdered uric acid

With all these, the test results will indicate that it is real urine. However, in the package, there are some other items to help you prepare the powdered urine for the test. The kit comes with the synthetic urine powder, a plastic vial with a temperature strip, adhesive warmers to get the specimen to body temperature, and the Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine instructions sheet.

How Does The Powdered Urine Kit Work?

The Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine for THC detox is meant to deliver clean urine to you in powdered form. So, I can purchase this from any selling center near me, prepare it according to the instructions, and submit it for the drug test. You only need to prepare this according to stipulations and submit it for unsupervised tests.

How To Use The Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Kit?

Directions on how to use The Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine for artificial detoxing to pass cannabis and drug tests are simple. All you need is to turn the powdered urine in the vial into a larger container and fill the container with water. Cover the container and shake it so that the powder will dissolve inside the container. After this, you should open the heater pack, pick one, and stick it to the back of the container to get it warmer. Peel off the paper on the heater and place it directly opposite the temperature strip. Ensure that the temperature is up to 90-100F/32-37C before you submit for the experiment or test.

Terms of Product Use of the Powdered Urine


When to and When Not To Use the Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Kit

The first piece of advice you will get about this powdered urine kit is to use it only for unsupervised drug tests. So, this will suffice for all urine drug tests where nobody will supervise you physically.

However, you can’t use this for any supervised drug test. It is also a felony to use this in court-ordered tests. You could go to jail for this. This kit will also not do authentic weed detox for you, and it will not help you pass a saliva test.

The question, how long does it last, is not properly answered by the manufacturer. They only stated that after mixing this and sticking the temperature vial with the warmer, it will take about 45 minutes to get to the desired degree. However, they did not state how long the prepared urine lasts before it gets bad.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

This is a product of TESTCLEAR Drug Testing Advisors. The company was established in 1995, and its headquarters is at Redmond WA, 98053, USA. You can call them on +1 866-837-8253 or contact them online via [email protected], on Twitter, and on Facebook. Their website address is, and there is no evidence that the firm is certified.

Additional Products to Buy With the Kit

The product in question comes with all the necessary items for successful use. However, some supplementary products are available. They include extra warmers, a thermometer, and two extra vials as spares. They advise customers to get these two.

Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Kit Pros and Cons



  • Useful for unsupervised urine drug tests
  • Works within an hour
  • Effective because it contains human urine
  • Sterile when not mixed
  • Effective for sex play and sports
  • May assist you to get a job
  • May save you from going to jail
  • Can last for three days in the fridge


  • Fake and illegal
  • Works only for urine drug lab tests
  • 50 ml of water may not be enough, and more water may over dilute it

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this for alcohol saliva tests?

No, it does not work for swab tests ( if you need to pass saliva test)

  • Can I use this for weed detox?

No, this does not go into your body. It only replaces your urine

  • Can the product be detected?

There is no real way of detecting this unless they conduct further tests

Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine Kit Customer Reviews

We found out that there are limited sources where you can purchase this. We couldn’t find the product on Amazon. It is also not available on eBay, Walmart, and other big-name sellers. We only found it on the product manufacturer’s page and one Key to Cannabis store, and all the reviews from customers there are positive. We could not find any negative review.

Carl from Massachusetts wrote on the Testclear website that it works as it says and that this is the only company he will recommend.

Thisbitchisbonkers on Reddit said that he used the kit as directed and that his drug result came back negative. The screenshots are attached below.


We found out that people who use the Testclear Powdered Human Synthetic Urine for THC detox trust it so much. The reviews revealed that it offers what it claims to offer. So, many people are using it for employment, sports, and sex purposes. Now, that it contains real human urine places it above all other synthetic urine products. So, it is the closest to the real thing or the real thing in another form. Still have questions? Read there –