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BIS KIDS | Teaching Skills for a Drug Free Future

Every once in a while I come across a person, a community, or organization that peaks my interest, makes me stop in my tracks and take notice. Actually, working in the field of addiction recovery, even at the level I do, I engage with people in the sober community a lot. But, nothing turns my head and makes me take notice than working with kids’ programs.

30TH Anniversary Interview with Lionel S.

Pat Moore Foundation celebrated 30th years on October 18, 2013, and in honor of that remarkable milestone we thought it would be interesting to hear/read about alumni and employees of Pat Moore Foundation. Some even fall into both categories!

Recovery Rob, our content man and premiere blogger, took the liberty to lead the Q&A on this bright and warm day. We were thrilled with the outcome! This second interview is with Lionel S., and employee with Pat Moore Foundation. He speaks about his own experience, strength, hope, and what Pat Moore Foundation means to him today.


Helping Residents Live a Life Without Alcohol or Drugs

Last week, Friday, October 18, 2013 to be exact, I was honored to be part of an amazing celebration with some incredible people in the addiction recovery community. I’ve been working with Pat Moore Foundation for five years now and have watched them grow on so many levels, but most importantly reach out and help so many great people.

A Fourth Step Guide

You’ve probably heard it before so it comes as no surprise that Step Four is hard work and for some it can make or break how you approach your 12 Step program and your continued sobriety. Step 4 can be done many ways, but it should always be done with a sponsor. Whatever the layout of your fourth step though, you should be thorough and painstaking in its completion. In fact, it may take many months to complete, so fear not if does.

Coping with Disappointment in Sobriety

Anyone who says getting clean and sober will make you happy probably didn’t understand exactly what they were saying. In fact, for an addict, stopping the use of drugs and alcohol does not automatically equate to a happy harmonious life. There are circumstances, besides being an addict that led you to use and to escape, and once you stop using you need to learn to deal with the problems of your past and how they influence your decisions today. It can be a frightening journey.

An Introduction to White Lightning Bath Salts

Although we’ve been reporting on them for a while now, Bath salts are still considered part of a new wave of designer drugs. They are often innocuously marketed and target legal loopholes which paves a way for white lightning bath salts – for example – to be consumed as a high that is legal. Often times these bath salts offer the same high effects as illegal substances such as methamphetaimine, cocaine, and even MDMA.

Knowing When You or Your Loved One Is Heading to a Possible Drug and Alcohol Relapse

In the context of a drug and alcohol relapse, the word ‘relapse’ is resuming your alcohol or drug use after a period of abstinence. How often do people had a drug and alcohol relapse really depends on the level of tolerance and efficacy the alcohol or drugs have on the person that was using. In other words, is basically depends on the highest potential of physical and psychological dependence. Most people relapse due to triggers, and those triggers to relapse often depend on the person’s individual experience.