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30TH Anniversary Interview with Lionel S.

Pat Moore Foundation celebrated 30th years on October 18, 2013, and in honor of that remarkable milestone we thought it would be interesting to hear/read about alumni and employees of Pat Moore Foundation. Some even fall into both categories!

Recovery Rob, our content man and premiere blogger, took the liberty to lead the Q&A on this bright and warm day. We were thrilled with the outcome! This second interview is with Lionel S., and employee with Pat Moore Foundation. He speaks about his own experience, strength, hope, and what Pat Moore Foundation means to him today.

Here is the Question and Answer:


Recovery Rob: Lionel, it so good to meet you. I’ve heard some wonderful things about you here at Pat Moore Foundation. I was wondering if I could have a few moments of your time to talk about your recovery and about what Pat Moore Foundation means to you.

Lionel S: Great to meet you as well. I’d love to.


Recovery Rob: Thanks. Some of these questions may sound like intake questions, but I think it is all part of the process. So, let’s start off with some easier ones. What’s your anniversary date?

Lionel S: September 5, 1976


Recovery Rob: Wow, that’s a great deal of time. Congrats on that. Was this your first time trying to get sober? Or did you relapse?

Lionel S: I went a number of years without gaining recovery. I was in an out a bit. It was 1963, when I was 18 that I tried the first time.


Recovery Rob: When did you start drinking or doing drugs?

Lionel S: I was into pills, glue at about 13, and then started drinking heavy by the time 16 and got a drunk driving when I was 17.


Recovery Rob: What do you think is the draw, other than being addicted, that kept pushing you further into your addiction?

Lionel S: I never really felt like I fit in or I belong.


Recovery Rob: Are there other addicts, sober or otherwise in your family?

Lionel S: My dad is a whino; he died when I was 15 and he’d been arrested.


Recovery Rob: What would you say your drug of choice was?

Lionel S: A combination of alcohol and speed


Recovery Rob: How much would you say you were using on a daily?

Lionel S: Well, I quit drinking when I was 23, which was a pint a day, but then it was speed and uppers mostly.


Recovery Rob: What moment finally brought you to your knees? Whether the first time or this last time?

Lionel S: I couldn’t stand my life with or without alcohol and drugs. I was having thoughts of suicide and with 4 kids and wife it was getting so I had to sneak around at night and lived in fear of being discovered.


Recovery Rob: How did you find out about Pat Moore Foundation?

Lionel S: In February of 2003, I had a sponsee who was on staff with Pat Moore Foundation. He asked if I’d like to facilitate a group here, and since I was going through a pretty rough time with my wife having recently passed on, I thought it would be a good way to find some structure in my life again.


Recovery Rob: How has Pat Moore supported you since you left?

Lionel S: Well, they definitely gave me structure, and gave me another avenue of community.


Recovery Rob: Now that you’re where you are, what would you say are the triggers you need to be made aware of to prevent relapse?

Lionel S: Well, lack of contact with people. Isolation and withdrawal are part of my story. And then I’d say being dishonest, which means mostly omitting facts of my life.


Recovery Rob: What’s your favorite memory of Pat Moore Foundation?

Lionel S: Oh, that’s a tough one to narrow down, but I’d say I am often overwhelmed with gratitude of the recognition from past clients.


Recovery Rob: What would say, if anything, to a friend or family member who you feel is abusing alcohol and/or drugs, or who you might be addicted?

Lionel S: I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone there is help available for them.


Recovery Rob: Do you sponsor?

Lionel S: Oh, I sponsor 5 to 6 guys right now.


Recovery Rob: Although I could ask you a bunch more question, how about you tell me something you like to add to the interview.

Lionel S: Pat Moore Foundation is a community. There are elements of hope and joy you’ll find from the top to the bottom, which are two reasons I am full of gratitude here.


Recovery Rob: Lionel, thank you so much for this quick, candid interview. It was great to meet you.

Lionel S: Thank you. It was great to meet you as well.