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An Introduction to White Lightning Bath Salts

Although we’ve been reporting on them for a while now, Bath salts are still considered part of a new wave of designer drugs. They are often innocuously marketed and target legal loopholes which paves a way for white lightning bath salts – for example – to be consumed as a high that is legal. Often times these bath salts offer the same high effects as illegal substances such as methamphetaimine, cocaine, and even MDMA.

‘White Lightning’ Bath Salts Are None Other Than a Stimulant

To go around the issue of federal laws and regulatory controls, bath salts such as White Lightning are currently being marketing as ‘not meant for human consumption’ and simply a ‘novelty item.” However, this product is being used and side effects are sending these users to poison centers around the United States. The numbers continued to climb exponentially. 2010 – 302 calls, 2011 – 5625 calls…that’s over 18 times MORE calls.

The most common chemicals used in bath salts like White Lightning are the synthetic derivative of cathinone (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), methylone, and mephedrone.) Cathinone is a stimulant for the center nervous system that raises blood pressure, speed heart rate, and can create chest pains and dizziness. However, the side effects are not limited to the central nervous system because they often times induce psychoactive effects like irritability, paranoia, delusions, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. Although many users describe the high as euphoria with taper to a milder stimulation, but most times there is a bad high involved. Some say it is similar to a bad LSD trip.

Why are Bath Salts Dangerous?

Well, it seems pretty obvious but let point to the main reason. Due to how these synthetic substances are created, with no controls, the slightest level changes in any of the chemicals will most likely produce a completely different result. In short, you never know what high you’ll get from using bath salts. Also, due to how they are made bath salts usage isn’t detectable in standard drug tests. Some examples of commercial names for bath salts include, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Cloud Nine, and of course White Lightning.

Other Bath Salts Facts!

  • Typically sold in packages of 250-500 mg
  • Typically cost approximately $25-50 USD.
  • Available online
  • Available in specialize shops (head shops)
  • Available in convenience stores
  • Typically they are a white or off white powder
  • Typically a user will snort, smoke or ingest intravenously.

Check out our Cool Bath Salts Infographic

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