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Upcoming Episode of A&E’s Series: Intervention

Orange County drug treatment center, Pat Moore Foundation, is going to be featured on an upcoming episode of A&E’s Intervention. The episode will air on Monday, September 21, at 9pm Pacific Time. Pat Moore Foundation will be the recovery treatment center featured in the episode. Details of the episode can’t yet be revealed, but the staff of Pat Moore Foundation is thankful for the opportunity to work with a new client and the Arts and Entertainment Network.

The television series follows the struggles of alcoholics and drug addicts. Each episode starts with an intervention initiated by friends or family of the alcohol or drug addict. The episode includes the intervention and the drug detox process. On the A&E website, follow-up videos of participating alcohol and drug addicts, can be viewed. The show follows real addicts and raises awareness of the treatment options available to alcoholics and drug addicts.

For those that don’t know much about the intervention process, Burr Cook, of Family Intervention Now, answers: What is an Intervention?An intervention is a deliberate process of bringing a family together with a professional to lead them, to educate them, to guide them and unite them through the process of intervening on behalf of a loved one’s addiction. More specifically, an intervention is a deliberate and structured process of bringing a group together to address a harmful or destructive behavior and to provide a solution for the person engaging in that behavior. Typically the group consists of family, friends, co-workers. The behaviors are usually drug and alcohol abuse, but can be gambling, sex, eating disorders, mental illness etc.