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Drug Treatment Center

Why Our Drug Treatment Program Works

Pat Moore Foundation is a nationally-recognized and California-certified drug treatment center that has helped individuals on the road to recovery for more than 25 years. We are a unique facility offering drug treatment programs for men and women, a residential in-patient treatment, twelve-step programs, and dual-diagnosis all within our treatment center. We also make available opiate and opioid detoxification provided by a third party medical corporation that uses soboxone. 

Video: Drug Treatment at Pat Moore Foundation

Cindy Connelly, Clinical Director at Pat Moore Foundation, talks about the importance of drug treatment, twelve steps, gender specific treatment, life skills and other aspects of drug treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

For many years the rehabilitation community has ignored the notion of ‘dual diagnosis’ and focused only on ‘curing’ the addiction. Pat Moore Foundation is a leader in ‘dual diagnosis’ therapy, which targets not only the addiction, but also any underlying emotional and medical issues. Addressing both the drug addiction and root cause, Pat Moore Foundation’s drug treatment program excels in helping clients achieve and maintain lasting sobriety.

Why We Believe in the Twelve Steps

A proven method for achieving lasting recovery and rehabilitation, The Twelve Steps are a tool and provide a guideline for ‘clean’ living. Overseen by our Clinical Director,  the Twelve Steps component of drug treatment enables our clients to build a foundation for a sober life that is back in their hands. 

Our Professional Staff

Pat Moore Foundation’s professional staff is certified and highly skilled. Each staff member is also involved in his or her own recovery and rehabilitation program and understands the drug addiction treatment process from a perspective that only another drug addict can. Because of this connection our staff is involved in the client’s recovery from the first day. Learn more about our staff – click here.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in a Safe Environment

Pat Moore Foundation drug treatment center provides a safe environment for our patients. We believe removing a person from an environment for a period of time where they used drugs will help them focus on their recovery without all the distractions. Our residential drug treatment programs are licensed and certified by The State of California. Our individual homes are on a unique co-ed campus where we offer gender specific treatment. We are located in the city of Costa Mesa, Southern California, close to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach (all in Orange County, California). 

Counselors are available 24-hours every day to share information about our treatment programs and personalized approach.  If you’d like us to contact you, send a confidential message online by filling out our online form.

Note: All medical services are administered by medical professionals, which are facilitated and operated solely under the jurisdiction of a separate medical corporation.