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Taking a Step Back to Learn

A few years back I became the content writer for Pat Moore Foundation. It was shortly after they’d revamped their alcohol and drug treatment website. They wanted a fresh feel, and a new writer on board. They understood the power of internet marketing and great SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This position quickly led to my own blog where I could tell my personal story of my own struggles with addiction, and what it’s like today. It’s been a great outlet, and honestly, it helps keep me sober. It helps me remember why I stopped taking drugs and drinking booze.

Over the summer of 2010, I began reaching out to other addiction sites. One of the many things I learned in Alcoholics Anonymous was that we are not alone. It’s better to battle this disease together than isolating. Yes, even though I was writing, and hoping to have a following of sorts, I was alone. My purpose was to reach out and see if I could gather people together and have them tell their stories. I thought it would be great to have people from all facets of addiction; people who have used and people who have loved ones that use, or are in recovery. I wanted others on the front lines of addiction, and also had their own websites.

Our Guest Blogging program was very slow to start off with, and that’s surely my fault, as I was in a learning curve. I’m not perfect, thank God!

It wasn’t until nearly 8 months later when someone stepped up to help this process, take the reins so to speak and show me how she does it. Dawn is, and remains awesome. She got this Guest Blogging Program off the ground. With her efforts we’ve garnered more attention that’s become viable in building and tying together our addiction community.

I have to say, if I am completely honest…which is ever so humbling for me…is that my ego took hold a little bit and instead of saying “Hey, this is great!” I internally said, “How come she can do it but I can’t?” OH, yes, the addict in me is lovely sometimes. Thankfully with the help of the 12-Steps I am able to quickly see my character flaws, work through them, and then move on to better thoughts!

And that’s when I started developing ideas of my own and adding to the Guest Blogging Program, while not detracting from what Dawn has done. I’m interacting via email, via Twitter and even Facebook, although I am still working a bit more with Facebook to see how to tie that aspect into the Guest Blogging Program.

The response has been great and I am excited about where this will take me next.




Recovery Rob is a 47-year-old man who has more than nineteen years of sobriety, whose drugs of choice at one time were alcohol and drugs, and he has worked in and around the field of addiction for more than 20 years. Recovery Rob is a professional writer who has published two novels and is currently working on his third. He has been writing and working as Pat Moore Foundation’s premiere blogger and content writer, which helps keeps Pat Moore Foundation’s addiction and recovery blog top-rated.