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Suboxone Detox | Increase your Chance of Long Term Sobriety

When you combine a Suboxone detox treatment with counseling and other forms for support like a 12 step program, you increase the chances your treatment and rehabilitation will succeed. Much more than a medical condition, opioid dependence effects your relationships, your thoughts, and your daily routines are all tied together.

Pick up the phone and call Pat Moore Foundation. With Suboxone we can help you medically manage your opioid dependence; nasty withdrawals will be at a minimum. We have great counselors here who can have experience with behavioral and emotional side effects of opioid dependence and withdrawal. Our counselors can help you learn to manage triggers and high risk situations. Getting your life back together is something all recovery addicts need to do. We at Pat Moore Foundation will help you figure out when the time is right. With Suboxone, counseling and meetings, you’ll surely increase your likelihood of long term sobriety.

Once you’ve completed the physical part, the detoxification, Pat Moore Foundation strongly suggest you continue the rehabilitation part of treatment. Many recovery addicts have made a, well, for lack of better words, mess of their lives, so going right back into them without having built a safety net can be disastrous. Mind you it’s not always the case, but the addict may not have a home that’s safe. For example: they could have a using spouse. A 3-4 week rehabilitation time is par for the course in situations like this. Remember, you need to work to get your personal life back on track. Besides being an addict there are often times many underlying issues that need to be addressed. Rehabilitation allows the addict that time.

There are many support groups you can then attend, or you could even continue on through a sober living environment. To learn more, click on Sober Living.

The first step you make can save your life.