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Sober Living in Orange County

Our Sober Living transitional housing is a wonderful option to those alcoholics and addicts who have completed an inpatient alcohol and other drug treatment program. The main purpose and common goal of a sober living environment and the recovering addicts who live there is to maintain sobriety. Pat Moore Foundation believes that if we provide each resident with the support of ‘like-minded’ people then recovery for each individual becomes a group effort. We also maintain staff at the our sober living residence to provide extra support.

Most treatment programs last thirty, sixty or ninety days, and for some that might be enough to readapt to society in a healthy manner. In most cases though, the process of treatment needs more development before rejoining society, so moving into a sober living environment is a safe move. Although actual ‘treatment’ does not occur on residence, there are still extra efforts to ensure substance abuse relapse does not occur among the residents. Attending NA or AA meeting every week is essential and encouraged.

Our low cost sober living residence is located near the beach in Southern California. Depending on the resident, returning home for the weekend is extended on an individual basis. If the need should arise we are conveniently located near local shopping centers and bus routes.

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