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Reaching the Breaking Point, an Alcohol Detox

In Part 1 of this series I began touching on the ‘Causes of Alcoholism,’ even quoting the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and The American Society of Addiction Medicine. Their definition covered other possible causes or theories besides the ever popular ‘moral weakness.’ Neither of the theories or cause on this list is in any particular order, none more popular than the other. However treatment through an alcohol detox or rehabilitation is extremely important.

  1. Environmental – Alcoholism is the product of the person’s environment, that they are influenced by their own surroundings. Some families, some geographical locations, and some occupations, such as; salesmen, novelists, poets, musicians, soldiers, and sailors are considered to be environments where drinking is more acceptable.
  2. Physical – Alcoholism is caused primarily by a physical and chemical reaction in the body, such as: an allergy; metabolizability, where the components of alcohol have trouble breaking down through the liver; and neurotransmitters, where the chemical makeup of the brain has either an excess or deficiency.
  3. Genetic – Alcoholism is genetically influenced. Through vast research it has become increasingly clear that the genes people inherit can possibly contribute to the development of alcoholism. These people may be considered to have a genetic predisposition or a susceptibility to alcoholism. As a matter of fact they are four times more likely, and the percentage goes higher if the father is an alcoholic.

Whatever the cause or theory though the disease of alcoholism can be compared to nearly any other disease out there. While they are not responsible for the disease, they are responsible to find an alcohol and drug treatment center to treat their chronic illness.

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