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Part 2 of “The Goals of a Prescription Drug Detox and Rehab”

Continued from Part One


Yesterday, we at Pat Moore Foundation blogged about the first two primary goals set for a prescription drug detox and rehab. The second of those goals is Psychological Wellbeing. If a client comes to Pat Moore Foundation with an opioid addiction we generally, depending the client, will guide them through a Suboxone drug detox.

What is a Suboxone drug detox, and why would we at Pat Moore Foundation use it?

Suboxone can decrease cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms. Here is a list of those opioid withdrawal symptoms:

  • Craving for drugs
  • Diarrhea Large pupils
  • Yawning
  • Belly pain
  • Goose pimples (the origin of the phrase “cold turkey”)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Agitation and severe negative moods

An important component to relay here is that this list doesn’t come close to describing the agony of opioid withdrawal. It is extremely unpleasant, and the addict will do almost anything to avoid it, including picking up the opioid medication again.

A Suboxone drug detox can help you remain in treatment and gain control over your opiate addiction without the distraction of cravings and fear of withdrawal. A Suboxone drug detox offers a way to treat opioid dependence—in a doctor’s office—with privacy, confidentiality, and safety. People treated with Suboxone generally don’t need to be hospitalized, make daily visits to a clinic, or go away from home for residential treatment. As a result, treatment with Suboxone may allow more time for work, family, and other activities.