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The Goals of a Prescription Drug Detox and Rehab

Once you make the call, once you say yes, once you walk through the doors of Pat Moore Foundation’s prescription drug detox and rehabilitation facility, you should know we generally have four goals for you. We think most facilities similar to ours, the ones worth their sober weight will have these four goals as the basis to helping you with your recovery. There are other goals, but they tend to be as individual as the client coming in the doors.

Here are the first two goals.

Physical Healing comes from dealing with your withdrawal symptoms in a safe and effective manner. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using uppers, downers or whatever, your body needs to be replenished and it needs to be healthy. With our prescription drug detox program, you’ll be medically supervised so there is no need to be afraid. We work to make the prescription drug detox process as short as possible. Some clients don’t even need a medically managed detox, but if needed we can help you with that part.

Psychological Wellbeing is the psychological part that comes after a prescription drug detox. Working together we can help you find a balance with your life; one-on-one therapy, group therapy, support groups, 12-step programs, and other modalities. Once you find a program or combination of programs that work for you, you’ll find yourself much happier.


Check back tomorrow for the next two!