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Suboxone Detox | Stages of Relapse

The second on the list of possible relapse factors is “Slippery Places.” What are ‘slippery places?’ This is when you start hanging out at old haunts where you used to drink or use drugs. Places like a favorite pub, a drug dealer’s home, all-night parties, and those sorts of places. If you’ve been part of a Suboxone detox here at Pat Moore Foundation, then you can be sure one of our counselors has suggested that you avoid old familiar stomping grounds such as these.

What’s the thought behind this? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. If you spend enough time with friends who drink and drug you could become seduced by that world again. There’s an old saying, “If you sit in the barber chair long enough, you’ll get your hair cut.” A true saying if ever there was one.

As relapse experts, we know that relapse is not an event, it is a process. Relapse doesn’t just suddenly happen. For some, a lot of us actually, relapse will start weeks or even months before using again. There are 3 Stages:

  • Emotional: You aren’t actually thinking of using, but some of you emotions and behaviors are setting you up for a future relapse. Some signs are; anxiety, intolerance, and anger.
  • Mental: There is usually a battle going on in your head about something. A passing thought but it continues to hang there, just in the background. Some signs are: Thinking about those slippery places, glamorizing past usage, lying, and planning the relapse around other peoples’ schedules.
  • Physical: It’s pretty straight forward with that – the actually usage of alcohol or other drugs.

If you feel you might relapse, talk to someone who is sober, get to a meeting, or pick up the phone and call Pat Moore Foundation. We can help. If you have relapsed, you are not alone. Call for help today.