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Orange County Detox | Doing the New Year One Day at a Time

Beginning the new year with a safe and sober New Year’s Eve is perfect. Maintaining that sobriety can be quite difficult if you haven’t planned ahead. A strong determination isn’t always enough. One of the best avenues to maintain sobriety is to attend an inpatient or outpatient program at our Orange County detox.

Here are some tips that should be taken in addition to entering a detox and rehab program.

  1. Do it day by day.Stay away from making plans far in advance. Just take your sobriety each day as it comes and you’ll soon understand that tomorrow will be there when you get there.
  2. Don’t go to bars or nightclubs right now. This is one of the pitfalls a lot of alcoholics have trouble with initially. They go out and convince themselves they can have just one, starting the cycle all over again. Choosing not to drink and drug is not a social death sentence! Continuing is! If you think that you’ll never be able to go to a bar again, just know that a lot of alcoholics go to bars and remain sober for many years. Some remain happy and sober for the rest of their lives. Give yourself time to adjust and build some time in sobriety — it helps.
  3. Hitting Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the first 90 days is helpful as well. AA suggests that you go to ’90 meetings in 90 days.’ I can tell you I scoffed at the idea. Honestly, I did. My ego was in full swing. ‘No one was going to tell me what to do!’ My plan? I’d take it one day at a time, and hit a meeting when I wanted to drink. Guess what? I went to an AA meeting every day because I wanted to drink every day. There are other reasons to do this 90 and 90 business. I think the hope is that you’ll meet new people who understand what you are going through and can be there if you need help.

These are three things I did to maintain my sobriety at first. As my time collected I was able to see my life clearly, and that’s when I truly began this wonderful journey of self-discovery.

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