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Intake Process – How Does it Work?

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Katy, an alumna and current Pat Moore Foundation team member, answers some very straightforward questions about intake, treatment, detox, and the Pat Moore Foundation experience. Having been on both sides of the treatment process at Pat Moore Foundation, Katy knows firsthand what it is all about.  

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Q: When someone calls for the first time, what do they typically ask?

Katy: They want to know what our alcohol and drug rehab program is about and what it consists of. I ask them to specify what they are calling about. Detox, treatment or both. If it’s detox only, they want to know if they will get medicated. This is a very important question. The Pat Moore Foundation is one of the few “Medical Detox” facilities in the area. I tell them we also do medical detox for other alcohol and drug treatment centers. Another very important question that is asked frequently is, “Can I smoke?” I reply, “Of course you can, in designated areas only.“

Q: What if someone asks, “Do I need to detox? If so, how long does it take?”

Katy: I am not a medical professional; this is part of the assessment process. Typically it takes 3-5 days to detox from Meth, Speed, and Cocaine. For alcohol detox, it can take 5-10 days and Opiates are usually 7-14 days, sometimes longer. In addition, I tell whoever calls that all they will want to do is sleep and eat…

Q: Do most people call up wanting treatment?

Katy: No. Most people call wanting only detox. Most people have jobs or a family life and cannot leave home for an extended amount of time. It is our job to explain that detox will get you sober for the moment. It is our drug rehab and treatment program that will give a person the tools to live differently than they have been living.

Q: Do you think people know if they need Detox or Treatment?

Katy: Every person is UA tested and given a breathalyzer upon admission. The results of this test will determine if a client goes to Detox or Treatment. For example: If someone tests positive for a recent alcohol or drug screening, they will go directly into alcohol detox or drug detox, respectively, before our treatment program. If the results are negative for recent use, the client will go directly to treatment.

Q: Even if someone comes in at 3 A.M. Do they still get a detox test?

Katy: Yes. You receive the whole intake process, no matter what time of day you come to The Pat Moore Foundation.

Q: Does Pat Moore Foundation offer a good alcohol detox program?

Katy: Yes. Pat Moore Foundation started as a medical detox for alcoholic men in 1985. At non-medical alcohol detox centers, they watch the patient “shake-n-bake” on the couch and monitor them. We offer a better solution with medication,(Valium, Benzodiazepine and Baclofen). We also have medications that help prevent seizures. We have several hospitals in our area for medical care.

Q: Is it ok to call with any problem?”

Katy: Yes, absolutely. We are here to help no matter what the issue is.

Q: When someone calls what do you find to be their biggest fear?

Katy: Usually when someone calls Pat Moore Foundation they are “scared”. We always spend time reassuring them. I find the people addicted to opiates are more fearful, because they are afraid that the medication will not relieve them of the painful withdrawal process associated with opiate withdrawal symptoms. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. This is why The Pat Moore Foundation uses Buprenorphine, Subutex and Subuxone Detox.

Q: How do you reassure the caller who is scared to detox?

Katy: It is totally normal to feel scared. The Subuxone detox is the safest, most comfortable way to go. The first 2-3 days are the hardest. You will start to feel like you are getting the flu, but it does not happen. You know the feeling right before you get the flu? “Oh my gosh I’m getting sick”, but you never get it. That is the great thing about Suboxone. After the 2-3 days you don’t feel loaded or look loaded. You feel like a “rock star.”

Q: What happens when someone calls regarding alcohol?

Katy: With alcohol people are usually afraid to leave their house. If they want help we will go pick them up.

Q: Why wouldn’t someone want to leave their house?

Katy: Most people call when they are drinking. When they sober up, they may not even remember the phone call to Pat Moore or they simply changed their mind.

Q: What is it like to detox from alcohol?

Katy: More so than any drug, alcohol is the hardest detox. You can actually die from alcohol detox. Example: If you are a fifty year old man or woman who has been drinking for several years, it can take up to 10 days to detox with benzodiazepines.

Q: What happens if you are calling for someone else?

Katy: Some places require you to speak with the actual client. The Pat Moore Foundation does not require an in-person interview. We will allow a parent, spouse or significant other to make the arrangements over the phone.

Q: Is it necessary to have anything prepared before calling?

Katy: No. Many places have a lot of requirements before you meet face to face. There are no requirements for The Pat Moore Foundation. You can come in five minutes. We are here for you.

Q: How long does it take from the initial phone call to being admitted?

Katy: Once you arrive at The Pat Moore Foundation, the intake process takes about an hour. This process includes
A. Urine and drug screen test
B. Breathalyzer
C. Medical history
D. Necessary paper work

Q: Is there anyone whom you would not take?

Katy: We do not take psychologically unstable people who are dangerous to themselves or others, or people who have serious health conditions. If they have a serious medical condition we will take them to the local E.R.

Q: What do you do if you come into The Pat Moore Foundation with no clothes?

Katy: We have clothes that have been donated. We also will provide you with a list of items that are allowed to be brought in and what is not allowed.

Q: How is the financial process handled?

Katy: We accept credit cards over the phone or you can bring a cashier check, or cash when you come in.

Q: So Katy, you did your treatment here at The Pat Moore Foundation?

Katy: Yes, I remember when I was picked up from Jail by the owner of The Pat Moore Foundation. I had never been in detox. I was wondering what it was going to be like, what would the cottages be like and how would the girls be. I had no clothes, since coming directly from jail. I had nothing. Once I arrived at The Pat Moore Foundation, they treated me like family. They clothed me, from donations. The Pat Moore Foundation saved my life. I believe it with all my heart, so much, I work here. It is hard to convince someone over the phone that everything is going to be OK. I am here to help you walk through the process, because I have been there. We all have, here at The Pat Moore Foundation.

Taking that first step in calling the Pat Moore Foundation can be one of the most difficult steps to take in recovery. Katy knows–she had to do it herself. We hope that Katy’s shared experience, strength, and hope will help on the path to recovery. Read more about Katy’s story here.

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