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Drug Treatment Center | Did it My Way

When entering a drug treatment center there are always some concerns. For me, it was how I felt about them taking away from freedom, or what I thought freedom was. Are they going to tell me what to do all the time and take away my social life? Although I did an outpatient drug treatment center program, I was concerned they were going to restructure my life into something I wouldn’t recognize.

It really wasn’t anything like that. They were supportive, listened when I needed to talk about resentments of the past and the current day. They guided and made suggestions, and when I went on tirades, throwing my own form of rationalizations about how something wouldn’t work because of ‘this,’ or ‘that,’ well, they just called me on it. I was simply looking for reasons not to do whatever it was they suggested.

The best part of treatment was they didn’t crack a whip on me. They let me do my sobriety my way, and the benefit of this is that if I relapsed I would hopefully look to myself; taking responsibility and try again. If I did it ‘their’ way and I relapsed I would be more apt to blame them. Blaming others is an awful cycle to live with.