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Drug Treatment: 12-Stepping, the After Plan

One of the most fearful moments when leaving a drug treatment program is when the addict does not really know what to do when he or she steps outside the door of the treatment facility. Not having a plan is the quickest way to relapse. Any decent drug treatment program will help the addict lay out a good plan to help the addict stay sober. Of course the addict is on their ‘own’ to make their own decisions.

The best laid out plan that includes a 12-Step Program will be helpful. The support from other like-minded recovering addicts will help the person feel more a part of something instead of isolated and afraid.

Experts say that psychological and social factors can be a main driver that will push any recovering addict back into using. Stress is one of the most common triggers that remind the brain of the pleasures of drugs and alcohol. When stress strikes, it will be helpful to have a plan in place so that the addict does not relapse.

One of the many wonderful parts of a 12-Step program like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is that the recovering addict can get back to work and a more ‘normal’ way of life after leaving a drug treatment program. In most cities, and even towns, there are many meetings per week; most have multiple meetings per day.

AA and NA are international networks of community-based meetings for those in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Both are abstinence programs, meaning in order to succeed one cannot use. There are no fees for membership. The desire to not use is all an addict needs. Relapses occur and most recovery addicts with time under their belt understand that. This is why these community-based programs work well for nearly every person who wants to stop using and move forward with a happy and healthy life.