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Are you considering a trip the summer over the Fourth of July? Have you been to an AA Convention recently? Well, you know you can combine the two in usher in Independence Day it the great capital of Tennessee, Nashville. Nashville has the largest metropolitan area in the whole state, an average summer temperature of 86.5 degrees, and a diverse assortment of entertainment, dining, cultural and architectural attractions.

It also hosts a very popular AA Convention called, ‘Music City Roundup,’ which includes Alanon participation. If you’re considering going there will be a lot alcohol and drug detox and rehab treatment seminars and workshops as well. Here are some of the basic details:

WHEN: June 30, July 1, 2 & 3, 2011


HOW MUCH: Registration $20 mailed to Music City Roundup, POB 17068, Nashville, TN 37217

WHO: They have five AA speakers from around the country, including:

  • Ken D. from La Mesa, CA,
  • Jack C. from Hagerstown, MD,
  • Charlie Y. from Savannah GA,
  • Debbie D. from Concord, CA, and
  • Donna H. from Huntly, MT.

WHO CONTINUED: In addition to that they have two Alanon speakers, including:

  • Ric B. from Virginia Beach, VA, and
  • Judy O. from Mooresville, NC.

WHAT: They also have special workshops and other meetings throughout the weekend.


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