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A Whole Host of “Now What’s?” that can Follow from an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

When last I left you, I had been telling you that I went out on the night before being coined-out of my first alcohol and drug treatment program. Although, as I stated before, we were allowed to go out on pass, the three of us made a judgment call to hit a restaurant/bar. I went out with two other patients I’d been in treatment with, one of whom I was attracted to and we’d gotten together.

The three of us drank.

was driving and really was not a big drinker (yet) so I had two beers while the girl and my other friend continued drinking. By the time we left the bar, I had two drunk people who I’d just finished going through drug and alcohol treatment with. I took my friend home and ended up staying at the girl’s house that night. I went to the treatment center the next day and took my coin as if nothing had happened.

So now I’d had more secrets and guilt than when I’d entered treatment. This was the beginning of many more “Now What’s?” So here I am, looking back over a span of almost fifteen years. I am still a little dazed and confused about how I could go through a thirty day alcohol and other drug treatment program and then drink the night before I was coined-out.

Fortunately, I have from then until now of hindsight, and I will share in my next blog about what I believe was missing — and tend to forget even to this day.

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