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Alcohol Drug Treatment | Finding Treatment That Works

There are many decisions to be made around alcohol drug treatment programs, and finding the right type of facility is paramount in you or your loved ones success.
However you arrive at the decision that an alcohol drug treatment facility is needed in order to move forward is, in my opinion, irrelevant. The decision to seek treatment is one of the toughest choices and it really doesn’t matter how you got there. The choice can be a frightening time; a world of the unknown, but it is the most courageous step of all.

Even if you’ve been through an alcohol drug treatment facility before and have relapsed, it can be hard to pick yourself up and sort of start over again. The crucial part to remember after relapse is that you are not alone in this. Many addicts relapse. The hope is to be open and to know what triggers brought you back to alcohol and/or drugs and then learn from that experience.

Statistics regarding ‘success rates’ from alcohol drug treatment facilities can be misleading at best; some state ‘success rates’ as high as 75%. I think that when you get right down to it, the ‘success’ is more about what you learn while in the facility. The disease of addiction takes a life time to recover, so, one must be diligent in daily treatment, just like any other disease out there. Not tending to your disease and not treating it with the respect it deserves can lead to complications down the road.

So, finding the right alcohol drug treatment facility that includes this type of rhetoric in their program is, for me, the best one to go with. No one can promise you that you’ll never drink or drug again…period! The only one who can fulfill that promise is you, and it takes commitment and work on a daily basis – one day at a time.

One more piece of advice. The ‘cost’ associated with any alcohol drug treatment facility is meaningful in how their program is laid out and how willing you are to getting sober. 

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