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Tips on How to Choose a Drug Treatment Program

What to Look for in a Drug Treatment Rehab

Everyone’s addiction needs are different, so when remember that when evaluating drug treatment programs. The longer and more intense your alcohol and drug use has been will most likely determine how long and how intense your drug treatment rehab or program will be. But, whether you spend a week, a month, or longer in treatment, it doesn’t matter overall because finding a quality drug treatment program that not only address alcohol and/or drug but it should also address your life problems and other emotional pain that contribute to your addiction.

What to Look for in a Drug Treatment Program

There are different types of drug treatment program facilities, so when you start looking you’ll possibly see facilities with tranquil settings and stunning vistas. Amenities are great of course, but they are not crucial to your success in drug treatment. You’ll need to rein in your focus and decide what’s most important. Things like quality care during your stay, the appropriate licensing, do they have follow-up services, and what are the staff credentials? You could also check to see if they include the following:

  • Is there an aftercare program to help prevent relapse?
  • Does the aftercare program offer any referrals for other recovery support groups in your community?
  • Does the aftercare program or the drug treatment program insure you and the staff create a discharge plan before you leave the program?
  • Does the drug treatment center have any statistics on their success rate?
  • Does the drug treatment center have the appropriate accreditation and licensing by the state it’s on.

How to Find a Drug Treatment Program in Your Area

  • Contact your health insurance company
  • Talk to your doctor
  • Call local mental health clinics, community health centers, and hospitals
  • Call Pat Moore Foundation at 800-426-6086