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Suboxone Detox | The Anger Emotion

Whatever your situation, if you’ve been clean and sober for a while, fresh out of Suboxone detox and rehab, or stopping cold turkey and hitting meetings, we all have the emotion of anger. Even people who don’t drink or use drugs to excess have issues with anger. For addicts in recovery, unresolved anger and resentments can surely be a trigger for relapse. To remain clean from drugs and alcohol is one thing, but remaining sober in your life is something very different.

Anger can stem from things not going your way, failed plans, feeling you’ve been wronged, some type of other frustration and even physical pain. In many cases, conflict occurs, people disagree, arguments ensue and anger rears its ugly head. When someone enters a Suboxone detox, they’ve most likely made a decision to stop using drugs, but that doesn’t mean that their choice to fight, their ego if you will, is left outside the doors of our facility.

Anger is a common emotion, but for all its commonality, it rarely solves anything. It’s a misuse of energy and it doesn’t accommodate the best interest of the individual.

Over the course of the next few blogs, Pat Moore Foundation is going to take you through some tips on how to channel the anger emotion for better use, and also how to avoid it almost altogether.