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Sober Living, Can you go Back?

My old inclinations were to give up on someone who hadn’t called me back after a couple weeks. In the past, I would have taken his slight personal, probably even spoke poorly of him, but my life is different now. I know drug addiction. I know what it can do to people, including myself of course. I will admit though, I sometimes wonder if I could have done more for my friend who was in sober living. But, I know if he wants it bad enough he will find it.

About a month went by and out of the blue I sent him an email. “Just checking in to see how you are. Hope work and the new living arrangement is working out for you. Hope to see you sometime soon.” Within an hour I received an email back. He apologized for not being in touch but there has been a lot of drama going on his life.

My initial reaction, even in my ‘enlightened sobriety’ (I say that tongue in cheek), was to think “No surprise, you’re drinking.” I didn’t say this but just offered my ear if he needed to talk. I only offered this because I know an addicts dramatic life. I have a nice secure, safe life and will help if I can, but only in a way that is comfortable for me. I don’t think my friend’s life when he is drinking is any different than mine was when I was drinking.

His situation? Well, he’d been tossed out of his new place. He wouldn’t say why, but needed a place to stay. I told him I was sorry he was having the experience and told him to get to a meeting, offered to go with him, and asked if going back to sober living was an option.

This was two days ago, I haven’t heard back…yet. Yes, I am hopeful.

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