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The Reality of Addiction | A Drug is a Drug – Relapse – Part One

When I first admitted I was addicted and needed help it was for drugs and not alcohol. I had come to terms and could finally see and admit I was addicted to drugs. I didn’t feel, or even think I was an alcoholic.

After spending time at the drug treatment center, I began identifying myself as both a drug addict AND an alcoholic, but I was truly only coming to terms with my drug addiction. Somehow, in my mind, drugs and alcohol addiction were two very separate things. I was focusing on what I was achieving at the moment. I was busy applauding myself on how I could go for periods of time without a drink. There was a lot of credit to be given to myself, from myself, to go for short periods without booze.

I still couldn’t see the similarities between drug and alcohol addiction.

When I had 90 days of being clean from drugs, I would say, “see, I didn’t drink, I must not be an alcoholic,” and soon after that, I drank. Of course, it wasn’t just one drink. I couldn’t stop drinking. It wasn’t until after I finally got a little more clarity and got honest with myself that I could come to terms that I had a problem with alcohol as well as drugs.

The point I would like to make, is to be careful not to separate the two. Drugs and alcohol both get a grip on your mind and your life, and you cannot stop drugs and still drink and think it won’t feed that inner temporary fix your body is craving.