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Prom Night: More than Just a Prom Dress

Spring is upon us and for some teenagers it’s time to consider going to prom, and for parents this can be stressful on both the pocketbook/wallet as well as something more emotional. In many cases, our daughters or sons are reaching a rite of passage, signaling their imminent departure from high school, entry into college, the armed forces or something else. And for some parents a drug treatment center might be in their child’s future.

Having a child who struggles with addiction, relapsing because it is difficult for them to find a sober social circle, is difficult. You want to make sure they have fun, but you want them alive. You almost don’t want them to go out at all. You might even believe the temptation for them to use might be too much.

I think the important part to remember is that your child, unless you lock him or her in their room, will find a way to use. If that’s what they want to do. The best you can do is talk to them. Hear them out, and offer some helpful tips on how to have a sober prom. Mostly, I think, let them know you love them.