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Prescription Drug Detox | Some Serious Signs of Abuse

Yesterday, we spent some time reviewing information on prescription drug abuse. We went so far as to give some helpful tips on how you can help prevent abuse of prescribed medication for yourself as well as for others around your home. If the tips aren’t working or you’ve already found yourself in need of a prescription drug detox, you should give one of our counselors a call at 888-426-6086.

The question remains though – How do you know when you might have an addiction? Different prescriptions can create many different symptoms, so here is a general list of signals that you or a loved one, like a child, might have an abuse problem.

  • Mood swings – Personality changes suddenly. Happy one minute, angry, abusive, and irritable the next.
  • Paranoia and/or Denial – When hiding or denying a prescription drug abuse problem, the user tends to get defensive, rationalizing the use. Or, they are on edge when asked questions about the prescription.
  • Forgetting – Losing track of time, misplacing things, or not remembering conversations, and even dropping and bumping into things is sometimes a strong indication that the person is actively abusing.
  • Hygiene – Neglecting appearance. Not bathing. Drastic and sudden change in clothing style.
  • Increase of Usage – Do you need more to help deal with the pain?

If any of these signs are currently happening in your home, you should take prescription drug abuse into account, and get help now!