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The Pat Moore Treatment Center, the Suboxone Detoxification Treatment

One of the main shames of opioid addiction is that some feel it is a moral or mental weakness, but research suggests otherwise. It is a chronic medical condition resulting from changes in the brain of susceptible people. As soon as the addiction has taken a foothold, the cycle begins, and relapses are, in many cases, a long-term process.
       Fortunately, counselors, like here at the Pat Moore Treatment Center, have been introduced to medications such as Suboxone. A Suboxone Detoxification treatment, as well as the traditional 12-step program, has shown incredible results, helping thousands of people maintain long-term recovery. But, make no mistake, breaking free of prescription drugs takes a bit of willpower as does the desire to stop.
      Why is opioid addiction so hard to break? Well, there are real changes to the nerves in the brain. The addiction tends to seize normal brain passages that cope with moods and reward behaviors, like feeling good for helpful and bad for harmful. But, this type of addiction doesn’t stop there because it actually affects nearly every bodily system, and therefore stopping the flow of the drugs will quickly lead to nasty withdrawal symptoms like; craving, diarrhea, belly pain, nausea and vomiting, and a number of others. It is painful and most people will do anything to avoid it.
     A Suboxone Detox, which is the newest of the medicines for an opioid addition, activates receptors, minimizes craving, and stops withdrawal symptoms. During the maintenance phase of a Suboxone Detoxification, normally after the first few days of Subutex being administered, the medication is given, then gradually weaned and stopped. This method eventually eliminates the physical dependence to opioids.
     The Pat Moore Treatment Center knows that studies have shown beating a narcotic addiction is substantially more successful with a Suboxone Detoxification, and that long-term sobriety, via therapy, Suboxone, and a 12-step program, is the key to a happier and more fulfilling life as a part of the normal society.