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A Drug Intervention can have a Tender and Loving Result

If you’ve been considering an addiction intervention for a family member or friend with a drug or alcohol problem you should know that the process can be rewarding for all involved. The intervention process is meant to be a tender, realistic and, although it might seem confrontational, a relaxed dialogue.
     A drug intervention is truly meant to make the lives better for all involved – the user and the family and friends. If you are weary about what happens at a drug intervention process and what it involves, just know that you are not alone with your feelings. It is not a confrontation, but in reality it is much different. Some people feel they are betraying the addict by calling them out in a group setting, but in reality you are helping your loved one take care of him or herself.
     A drug intervention is primarily about forming a set of supports that connect and focus on the hope of changing the destructive life path of a loved one. The support group consists of members who can no longer sit back and watch, in good conscience, the addict health and welfare continue to decline. If the group feels there is justifiable concern, then it is time to intervene.
     A trained professional is considered optimal in helping a support group by facilitating the drug intervention. The timing must be good though, and working toward finding a time the addict is completely sober, or darn close to it, can be difficult, but it is always better to begin the intervention process when the addict is in a calmer state of mind.
     Some great statistics: Seventy five percent of those interventions end up with the addict going into treatment, and ninety two percent of interventions end up with the addict in a rehab facility within the week.
     I will touch on more of the process in a later blog…tune in!