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Outpatient Detox, is it the Right Fit?


Finding the right outpatient alcohol detox program for an early stage alcoholic is probably the best way to start recovery. There are mainly three types of rehabilitation facilities to choose from, an outpatient alcohol detox is just one of them.
Who qualifies for an outpatient alcohol detox? Well, normally, and there isn’t a written rule on this, just statistics. It is usually an alcoholic who is still functional, someone who possibly still has a job and in good standing there and someone who’s life is still somewhat manageable on the outside. However, what draws them into an outpatient alcohol detox is their inability to stop and what happens to them when they do drink. They are normally on the edge of losing their job, relationship, and possibly even housing. And, but for the grace of God, or a higher power, or even an intervention of some sort, they have decided to make a change.
An outpatient detoxification tends to be the least invasive and the least time consuming compared to a 24 hour/7 day/4 week inpatient program. The treatment is somewhat straight forward and involves group and/or individual therapy and counseling. In general though, the time spent in this type of detox can vary from person to person and can go from weeks to months. It is considered to be a very successful way for early stage alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
Each outpatient detox has its own set of guidelines. They can be stringent or in some cases a little bit more lax, but there is a theme through each set of rules.
·         No alcohol or drug use,
·         Compliance to rules and respect to others in the recovery detox,
·         Frequent and consistent visits, daily or three times per week,
·         They live in a safe place during outpatient detox and the rehabilitation period,
·         Patient agrees if outpatient alcohol detoxification and rehab is unsuccessful they will enter an inpatient program.
However the detoxification and rehabilitation program is taken, there are other important factors to consider. The alcoholic must want to recover, to have a desire to stop drinking, and this is a program of recovery. It doesn’t just stop after an outpatient alcohol detox.