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My Tour of Pat Moore Foundation | A Parent’s Drug Rehab Review

I recently had the pleasure of touring the Pat Moore Foundation facility. To say the least, I was very impressed. In the last few years my son has been a resident at three different drug treatment programs; I can’t help but wonder if he had gone to Pat Moore Foundation first, if he would be further along in his recovery today. Keven needs a lot of individual attention and I believe he would have had much more of that here.


Several things that stood out to me:

– The experienced staff. Each person I met was very passionate about recovery, friendly and helpful. I was impressed to learn they have an RN and a psychiatrist available on site and are able to fill prescriptions right there!

– Counselors are available 24 hours a day. In addition to the counselors that are working with the residents during the day, at all times there are two (1 male and 1 female) awake and ready to help at any time around the clock. I wish this would have been the case for my son; he often had the most difficult time at night but no one to turn to.

– The environment and way they had everything situated was wonderful. This really stood out to me because my son has been to three rehabs, two with dorm style living; one where residents were spread out over the city in separate houses. At Pat Moore Foundation they have the main office, the medical area, the meeting rooms and (this is what I liked best) little cottages located in a lovely garden-like area. Each cottage had room for two

– Three residents which allowed some privacy, but was also a sense of community. I think this brought a cohesiveness that I didn’t see at the other treatment programs I’ve visited.

– They get the residents out to do fun and healing things like taking walks at Newport Back Bay (beautiful place) and to movie, bowling, etc. I think it’s critical to have a balance in life and for many addicts, to point out that real “fun” didn’t occur while using.

– Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there was definitely a vibe there that said “our passion is your recovery”. I met Phil Allen (CEO) and several others, and it was evident that each of them had a deep understanding of addiction and a commitment to help each resident with their individual journey of recovery. I would highly recommend Pat Moore Foundation to anyone looking for a successful, well rounded and caring drug residential drug treatment program.

Barbara Legere writes about Heroin Addiction on her award winning Recovery Happens blog. Her son Keven has been struggling with his heroin addiction for over 3 years. Join Barbara on her blog or Twitter.