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This came to us at Pat Moore Foundation. We are so touched, that we needed to place it in our blog postings. Of course we will tweet it and even post it on our Facebook profile. There are times when taking a break from blogging about a prescription drug detox, a medical detox, and even a Suboxone drug detox is okay by us.

A big shout out to our own Katy Alexander and her aunt Barbara M for allowing us to post this!


I am a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, wife, daughter, and friend. I have been living with addicts all of my life.

As a daughter I used to think that if I was a good little girl my daddy wouldn’t come home drunk and beat my mother. As a sister I used to wonder why my brother put my parents through so much pain with his drug abuse. As a teenage mother I never understood what could I have possibly done to cause my husband to beat me over and over again while using drugs and alcohol. (I would go on to accept his apologies and wish for a better future for nine years). What affects me most though is that I have two daughters who are recovering addicts.

I used to beat myself up wondering where I went wrong raising my two beautiful daughters. All I ever wished for them was happiness and success. I never dreamed they would live the dark life of an addict.

I have learned throughout the years, that addicts are fighting a disease that is difficult to understand. If you know a recovering addict and have been so touched to be a friend, lover, or relative then you must understand how much an addict needs your support, love and understanding. An addict needs you to believe in their recovery. The recovering addict has made the ultimate realization that they are powerless to this disease and have turned it over to their higher power.

Whenever I meet a recovering addict, I feel honored to have crossed their path. I can see what a beautiful person they truly are. For an addict to let down their guard and show their vulnerabilities in order to better their lives is truly a courageous act. The recovering addict is stronger than us you see, for he is fighting some predisposed genetic diseases that non addict, family members and friends find hard to understand.

With a recovering addict in your life it will always be a work in progress. So far I have learned it was never my fault. I will continue to learn as much as I can about this disease so I can be loving and supportive of the recovering addicts who are fighting for a better life.

I am grateful to my niece Katy for having the experience and foresight to help my daughters, Melissa and Lynnea. I am extremely grateful to Pat Moore Foundation for saving their lives.

                                                                                      –Barbara M.