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Medical Detox: Buzzed Driving

I was watching television the other night and saw a commercial that made me stop and think. Although I’ve got some sober time under my belt, there are times when a commercial about drinking or drugging can cause me to stop and wonder. The commercial’s tag line is “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving.” As to what the drug of choice is, I don’t really know. Buzzed is Buzzed, right?

It shows a woman being wheeled on a gurney into an emergency room, a neck brace, bandages, doctors working quickly over her. In the background is a man, anguished. He mutters. “I wasn’t even drunk, I was buzzed.”

The ER comes to a standstill and the doctor says “What? You were just buzzed? Sir, you didn’t tell us that, you didn’t tell me you were just buzzed. In that case she’s just fine.”

“Really?” says the man.

“No,” replies the doctor. Then they resume working on the patient.

The narrator says “Buzzed driving, maybe we should stop acting like it’s no big deal.”

How true. There was a time that “one for the road” was part of the American culture. Today though, the belief is different. Thankfully, with public service announcements like this one, people who do have alcohol or drug addiction problems can find help through a medical detox, as they understand that sometimes quitting ‘cold turkey’ just isn’t enough.