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Hydrocodone Addiction

An addiction recovery community since 1985, Pat Moore Foundation knows firsthand how powerfully addictive hydrocodone is and the destructive qualities this and other prescription drugs can have on the addict and family. We specialize in opiate and other drug addiction treatment programs, and provide a short information guide (below) that helps family and friends who are seeking helpful and insightful information on hydrocodone, including its addiction and abuse.

Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone is a pain reliever and cough suppressant that is found in over 200 types of prescription drugs. It is similar to codeine and equivalent in strength to oxycodone and morphine. Vicodin, which is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen (hydrocodone apap), is the most commonly known drug with hydrocodone in it. Because it’s a Schedule III controlled substance (less restricted than Schedule II) when in combination with other drugs, it’s relatively easy to buy hydrocodone for illegal purposes.

Its ready availability makes hydrocodone one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs. Additionally, it has a high risk of physical dependence, which can lead to addiction. Long-term use whether as-directed or abusively often causes physical dependence. The length of time required to become physically dependent varies from person to person depending on each person’s level of tolerance. At high doses, physical dependence can form in as little as 1 week, however. Strict supervision by a physician is always recommended when taking hydrocodone. Some form of detoxification program is usually required to get off hydrocodone.

While it is often thought of as a drug for “white collar” individuals, addiction to hydrocodone spans across a variety of age groups, ethnic backgrounds and income levels. Prescription drug addiction as a whole is fast on the rise, and it’s more deadly than most people think. Many are under the false perception that prescription drugs are safer than illicit drugs, but a recent study from the Florida Medical Examiner’s office concluded that prescription drugs kill more people than illicit drugs.


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