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Drug Treatment Center | Length of Treatment

There isn’t a set standard of days, weeks, or months in a drug treatment center that will surely work. A decent drug treatment center understands that individuals progress through treatment based on their past experiences. What has been proven, according to the National Institute on drug Abuse is that the longer the stay the better the outcome for the addict.

Typically, a 90-day program works significantly longer than a shorter stay, however, that doesn’t mean the addict needs to be in a residential, inpatient treatment center for that length of time. It is highly recommended for this to be the goal, but not every addicts’ life is the same. Some come for help but still have their jobs to return to, so aftercare, through program like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other 12-step programs, as well as individual and group therapy, are highly suggested.

The major problem that treatment programs encounter is treatment drop out. Recovering addicts tend to become bored and stop attending, and eventually they lead back to a relapse and start the cycle of addiction all over again.

In the long run, recovering addicts need to come to terms with the fact that treatment is a life time process. It is up to them to explore possibilities within treatment that will excite and keep their interest.