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Clinical Director – Gary Tucker

Gary TuckerGary Tucker is the Clinical Director for Pat Moore Foundation. Following is a personal statement from Gary about his work in recovery and at Pat Moore Foundation:

I have now been personally involved in substance-abuse recovery for over 20 years. In addition, I have had close family members suffer from both mental illness and substance abuse problems. The bulk of my professional career has involved owning and managing two small businesses. However, there is no doubt in my mind that my work at the Pat Moore foundation over the past 3 plus years has been the most rewarding of my life. Although, the work is not without frustrations, in my opinion, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as being a part of a client’s successful recovery from the devastation caused by drug and alcohol dependence.

On both a personal and professional level I am also keenly aware of the acute effect substance abuse has on non-addicted family members. Therefore, I find it gratifying that part of my work at Pat Moore Foundation involves interaction with family members.