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Drug Detox | Relapse and What Gets You Back

I went to an AA meeting last night. It’s one I don’t normally attend, but since I’ve had a rough week, I have this meeting in my proverbial back pocket. And besides, I unfortunately have to miss another meeting that I normally attend.

If you been following me on my blog here, don’t worry, I am totally fine. Sometimes, I feel off center and I’m not sure why, so I go to a meeting to become centered again. I’ve unfortunately had many opportunities to see friends relapse and for the most part they can narrow it down to a time when they felt a bit off center. For the most part they seem to figure it was a time they were uncomfortable in their skin and didn’t attempt to locate the issue. Whether it was work related, relationship related, or health related they didn’t do the work. They assumed it would go away. For some though, their ego got in their way. They had many years or sobriety and thought they ‘had it.”So, they stopped going to meetings and put themselves in at-risk situations; bars, hanging around people who do drugs, and reminiscing romantically about the old days of being able to use again. It’s risky behavior at best. Although I have not, to this date, experienced relapse, I have many friends who have. Fortunately for them they’ve been able to find their way back to an alcohol and drug detox and rehab, whether on an inpatient or outpatient basis. 

So, there I was in the meeting, just centering myself and I looked to my left and saw a friend that I’d known for about 12 years. He caught my glance and looked away, just as the meeting was starting. He identified as a new comer, which thrilled and delighted me. I’d seen him around over the years, and have had to distance myself. His behavior had grown increasingly erratic, and honestly every time I saw him he seemed to be drunk or high. I know from experience never try to talk to someone like that about their addiction, especially in a public forum. But, he was here now, right? Perfect time for me to offer any help I can today.

As the meeting ended he bolted from the room. I smiled inwardly and remembered what it was like when I first started coming around. I was scared, and he probably was too.

I want to reach out, and I will. I’ll give him a day or two. He knows me, he has my number, and he has my other contact information. We’ll figure it out.