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Into the Dark of Night | Part 12 – Sometimes You Just ‘Get’ It

Continued from Part 11Never Give Up


Joe knew Nick for many years already, almost as many as I had. They worked in similar jobs, and they shared a lot of common history. Joe was a “normie” though, someone who could actually drink without it escalating into drug use and eventually drug abuse treatment. He is the same person that called me a few weeks later in the middle of the night.

This ordeal with Nick brought two people, Joe and I, closer. We have a common interest, a common passion, a common friend in trouble. We both love and adore Nick, wanting clearly what is best for him. It doesn’t matter that Joe isn’t part of a 12-step program. It doesn’t matter because if you’re drowning and someone throws you a life preserver are you seriously going to ask if the person has experience in saving the drowning or if they are a certified lifeguard? No, I think not. You grab whatever help you can get.

Joe just ‘gets’ it. Although he doesn’t truly understand what addiction is, he does know that it exists. He has seen friends, including his wife struggle. And he sees firsthand what drug abuse can do, as well as see firsthand what drug abuse treatment can do for someone. He knows there are miracles every day.

So, my Facebook email was out to him. It was a Friday afternoon when I sent it, and I hoped he would see it soon enough. It was the weekend, and if he was like me with that social site he wouldn’t see the note until Monday.


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