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Came to Believe | AALA Round-Up Grabs Silver!

On Memorial Day Weekend 2010, the Alcoholics Anonymous Los Angeles Round-Up hits its 25th year of existence. Twenty-five years of ‘sobriety, serenity, joy, peace, love, new relationships and old wounds healed.’ This could be a spectacular event! No, actually it will be. It always is!

We at Pat Moore Foundation encourage people from all walks of sober living to attend events such as this because the experience is rewarding — you’ll feel the fellowship of the community. The Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, at 2500 Hollywood Way in Burbank, CA is the stomping grounds for this event. The rates are pretty darned good too, starting at $118/night! For specific information on rooms, we encourage you click here.

No one does a round up like they do in LA, so be sure to attend this one if you can. Click here for further details. Oh, and by the way they have a sober counter on the site. That’s always cool!