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Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs Give the Gift of Sobriety for the Holidays

The Pat Moore Foundation offers ‘holiday detox’ special.

Costa Mesa, CA, December 15, 2008 – Pat Moore Foundation is offering a $400.00 ‘holiday detox’ special to assist suffering addicts through the stressful holiday season.

Along with the hustle and bustle and good cheer the holiday season can bring, it can also bring additional hardship to addicts who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. The stresses and temptations of celebrating with friends and family can cause those in recovery to relapse, and those still actively suffering from addiction to fall deeper into substance abuse.

Many drug and alcohol abusers increase their usage between Thanksgiving and New Years. Studies show a rise in depression, drunken driving accidents, domestic violence, suicide and overdose during the holidays. Falling back into dangerous behaviors and bad habits to get through the holidays is common among addicts. It is important for friends and family to be aware of the pitfalls that can occur at this particular time of year.

Pat Moore Foundation is offering a $400.00 daily ‘holiday detox’ rate to offset these problems and offer the suffering addict an alternative to falling victim during this vulnerable time.

Coping during the holidays can be a struggle for anyone, but for those who suffer from addiction it can be overwhelming. Giving the gift of sobriety to addicts during the holiday season is the goal of Pat Moore Foundation. Providing a safe and effective alcohol detox and drug detox program during a time when professional support is needed the most can save an addict’s life.

The Foundation has been treating addiction for over 23 years and has offered medically supervised detoxification programs that have brought recovery and hope to thousands.