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Whitney Houston: The Greatest Love of All

Well, I surely don’t stand alone when expressing my sadness at the recent passing of Whitney Houston. Shocked, surprised, saddened, and sometimes angry are the emotions swirling around me then, and even now.

I’ve been around the disease of addiction for many years. I come from a long line of addicts, as it seems I have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism and drug addiction. This disease stems back in my family tree to well before Bill W. and AA. I’ve also been working in the field of addiction for more than twenty years. However, regardless of how often I see people relapse and pass away from using drugs and alcohol, I remain the optimist. My hope runs deep for those struggling with addiction…that they too can find the way to peace, serenity, and sobriety.

I am of an older generation. I grew up with Whitney Houston, and a number of ‘her’ songs have been the soundtrack of my life. So, many years ago when news of her addiction littered the headlines, I hoped and prayed for her. I wanted to see that ‘come back.’ I didn’t care if it was through music; I just wanted to see her get back on track doing something productive and not destructive. And, although there were times she appeared to be getting on track, coming out of rehabs butn then jumping back into the business that helped create her, she would eventually relapse again.

When all you feel you know is what you continue to do isn’t working, then you need to pick yourself up and try something else. I think Whitney’s relapses were due to this. She possibly defined herself as that “I Will Always Love You” woman, who was seeking “The Greatest Love of All.” In hindsight, the lyrics of this song are haunting. Many addicts grow to dislike, and even despise themselves in some way. It’s almost as if they feel they have nothing left to give, which exactly the opposite of what this song is about.

“Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.”

Rest in Peace, Whitney Houston.



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Recovery Rob is a 47-year-old man who has more than nineteen years of sobriety, whose drugs of choice at one time were alcohol and drugs, and he has worked in and around the field of addiction for more than 20 years. Recovery Rob is a professional writer who has published two novels and is currently working on his third. He has been writing and working as Pat Moore Foundation’s premiere blogger and content writer, which helps keeps Pat Moore Foundation’s addiction and recovery blog top-rated.